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“Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats when they have the skills and opportunity.”

Satisfied Clients

Colleges, Universities and Schools

University of Michigan
University of Notre Dame
Syracuse University
Boston College
Boston University
Northeastern University
Stanford University
Harvard University
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts
MIT (10)
West Point
Marist College (3)
Roger Williams College
University of Illinois
Georgetown University
University of Rhode Island
Rutgers University
George Washington University
University of Maryland
United States Naval Academy
United States Naval War College
NAVAL Postgraduate School (3)
Annandale High School
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
US Coast Guard Academy
Michigan State University
University of Maryland
Mount Saint Michaels Academy
Thayer Leadership Institute


Television Shows

Good Morning America
Today New York
History Channel (Hero Ships)
Military Channel (Officer and a Movie)

Corporations & Businesses

General Dynamics
Wensman Seed Corp.
Golds Gym Franchisers
Great Lakes Hybrids (2)
Clockwork International Corp.
Ben Franklin Electronics
Enterprise Car Rental International
Lockheed Martin (Orlando)
Lockheed Martin (Wash DC)
Bath Iron Works
Raytheon Corporation
Rockwell Collins
Northrop Grumman
Klein Associates
Triangle Construction Co.
Hertz Rental Cars
McGregor Oil Corp
Farm Bureau Insurance
Michigan Farm Bureau
Great lakes Hybrids
Texas Oilman Association
Texas Sate Telecommunications Consortium Institute (TSTCI)

Organizations and Civic Groups

Rocky Mountain Air Force Association
USS Constitution Association
Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecturer
Maine Maritime Museum
BIW Propeller Club
Newport RI ELK’s Club
American Society for Training and Development
Michigan Farm Bureau
St Michaels association
Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
Navy Mutual Aid
United States Navy Memorial
TED X (Grand Rapids)
Young Farm Leaders of Michigan
Michigan Farm Bureau Presidents


US Congress House Armed Services Committee
US Senate Sea Power Sub-committee
US Congress Mine Warfare Caucus
Presidents Committee on Women in the Navy
US Congress National Day of Excellence Council


Military Organizations

Armament, Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC)
Navy Heritage and History Command
Picatinny Arsenal
Surface Navy Symposium
Naval Institute ProceedingsNavy Safety Center
Canadian Staff Officer College
Swedish Naval Staff College
French Naval Staff College
British Staff College Greenwich
USN Surface Warfare Officer School
USS Mitscher DDG 57
USS Stockdale DDG 106
USS Mason DDG 87
USS Boston SSN 703
USS Dallas SSN 700
USS Gladiator MCM 11
USS Yorktown CG48
USS Leyte Gulf CG55
USS Gettysburg CG65
USS Constitution
USS Arleigh Burke DDG 51
USS Mitcher DDG 72
USS Millious DDG 69
USS Mahan DDG 72
USS Curtis Wilbur DDG 54
USS Mustin DDG 89
USS Lassen DDG82
USS Antietam CG54
USS Chancellorsville CG62
Naval Training Center Great Lakes
Gunston Hall LSD 5


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