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“Words are powerful. They can be used to tear people down or to teach, encourage, inspire and lead.”

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Entertaining and educational - Paul X Rinn In the early evening hours of April 14, 1988 the frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG58 struck an Iranian mine in the Persian Gulf while on patrol. The explosion broke the ship’s keel and blew a twenty-four foot hole in the hull below the waterline. A fireball ripped through the stacks, setting fires on four decks. For hours the 220 sailors on board fought with courage, bravery, and heroism to save the ship and themselves from a sea full of sharks and sea snakes. Incredibly, not a life was lost.The Commanding Officer, Captain Paul X. Rinn, tells the phenomenal story of how, sinking and on fire, ordinary U.S. Navy seamen achieved the extraordinary and kept the ship afloat. Rinn’s exhilarating description of the events of that night has a lasting impact on every audience that hears him speak. Schedule him now and hear his message of triumph over adversity.
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