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“Have a fine Samuel B Roberts day.”

More Audience Accolades

“Paul Rinn is a Master story teller who shapes his presentation to meet the needs of the customer. Outstanding message, Superb delivery, Exceptional audience reaction.”
Wayne Wood – President Michigan Farm Bureau“With your warmth, humor, and storytelling you created an excitement and enthusiasm among our Management team that will carry us through the toughest part of our year”
Tony Johnson – Regional Director Hertz


“The speech was vintage P X Rinn from start to finish Challenging Inspiring, and totally entertaining…
Well done ‘Compadre'”

Dennis Dean – President and CEO – Gripon Inc

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“Each year at MIT Captain Rinn delivers the most impacting presentation on leadership and how to succeed in a crisis under tremendous pressure. He is the student’s unparalleled choice to return every year and deliver his message.”
Andrew Nuss – Director MIT Summer Maritime Engineering Program


“Paul is a truly motivational speaker that relates his remarkable personal and professional experiences into lessons for leadership and management.”
Kelly McBride – Director Whitney Bradley and Brown Inc.

Young Farmers 11“We can’t even come close to describing our gratitude for the talks you gave to our students. Your powerful message is fantastic. Our students and all the teachers were on the edge of their seats throughout his presentations. The best quote of the day was ‘He knows the way because he has been down the path'”
Stephanie Gregs – Director – Home Schools Fairfax County Virginia


“Paul is a consummate professional that delighted our audience with his animated storytelling and quick wit. His narration allows others to join him on his journeys and life experiences. In addition to his excellence as a speaker, Paul is a very likable person who truly enjoys connecting with new acquaintances.”
Emily Bridson – Executive Team Builder TED X Grand Rapids


“Thank you for an absolutely first-class presentation during our recent Sullivan Awards Ceremony. Your speech was upbeat and motivating. The audience was energized and thoroughly entertained. You made our event a great success.”
Audrey Wolfe – President Rocky Mountain Air Force Association

Paul X. Rinn Speaks/

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