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“Have a fine Samuel B Roberts day.”

Audience Accolades

“What makes Captain Rinn’s experience unique is the extent and severity of the damage sustained with no loss of life. That the ship was saved with no losses ranks with the greatest accomplishments in US naval history. Those ultimate results were the true measure of Captain Rinn’s inspirational leadership skills… Today, he is blessed with the ability to recount what happened in his Life and inspire others to improve their own performance.”
William E. Haggett
Former President, Chairman and CEO
Bath Iron Works CorporationLas Vegas 8“Paul Rinn’s speech on effective leadership and team work making the difference between life and death emphasized to his audience the significance and value added of each person on the team. Our supervisors learned the important concept of their leadership potential and that they can rise to the occasion when presented with the opportunity. We believe that Captain Rinn has contributed to the development of an important cultural change currently taking place in our organization and we look forward to great and positive change as a result of his insightful and powerful talk.”
Dominick N. Cara
Director Quality Engineering and Systems Assurance
Army Research Development and Engineering Center
“Paul Rinn’s leadership lessons apply universally–whether you are working in a business, non-profit, educational, military, or civic organization. His emotional account of the crew’s heroic actions brought our audience of over a thousand employees and distinguished guests to their feet. We will never forget the lessons of the Sammy B.”
Frank Walton

General Dynamics

“Paul Rinn is bright, hard working and highly motivated. The Samuel B. Roberts story is one of a leader who understands what it takes to lead by example when faced with the most extreme crisis imaginable. His accounts of the days leading up to the incident and his crew’s reactions are both educational and highly inspirational.”
Buzzy Fitsgerald
Former President and CEO Bath Iron Works
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“Feedback from the student body was absolutely excellent, many of them stating that his presentation was the most impactful professional lecture they had attended at MIT this year. The real story of Samuel B Roberts starts with the tenet of solid leadership and developing and trusting your team. I heard from many of the students that they wished their colleagues could hear this story as it relates to hard work, team building and perseverance.”
Daniel Corrigan
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


“Captain Rinn’s speech …was a thrilling reminder of the challenges ahead for this year’s graduates and an inspiration to those aspiring to any leadership position whether it be in the Navy or the Business world. Paul is an expert story teller who weaves his vivid description of the value of Example, Honesty and Integrity throughout his presentation.”
Captain, University of Illinois ROTC

“There was a sense of directness and honor that emanated from Paul Rinn as he spoke to the 300 teachers and administrators in attendance for his presentation. Clearly the voice of someone who had led his people through an extremely traumatic experience and did so successfully through foresight, preparation, and powerful leadership. I was spellbound by his story; it was the best presentation of the conference (56 in all). I only wished my son was there to hear him!”
Mary Hamilton
High School Principal, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD),

2009 International Conference, Washington DC

Paul X. Rinn

“Paul Rinn’s professional and personable demeanor and his forthright engagement with individuals no matter their status or rank has not been matched. Throughout his visit, he showed an innate ability to portray his exceptional and noteworthy experiences appropriately for each audience. Without a doubt a consummate professional and superb story teller.”
Department Chair
Naval Postgraduate School

“I always relate your words and remarks to everyone who passes through these halls as the truly best example on how to lead and train sailors to be truly successful not only in the Navy but also in life. I truly consider myself blessed and privileged to have met and listened to you.”
Tom Mulholland
Command Master Chief

Naval Test Wing Atlantic


“The real story of Samuel B. Roberts starts with the tenet of solid leadership. We heard from more than one student that they wished their children or colleagues could hear this story as it relates to hard work, team-building and perseverance.” 
Capt Mark Welsh
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

“He had everyone at the banquet’s attention, faculty and student alike. The rousing standing ovation he received following his speech was more than well deserved. He is a true American Naval Hero!!!!”
Capt Marietta Pane
University of Illinois

“Your talk was a great uplifting presentation and a remarkably incredible story. It will insure that I never discount anyone’s potential ever again. Thank you for giving me the most uplifting moment at the conference.”
Mary Hightower
High School Principal

ASTD 2009 International Conference, Washington DC

Paul X Rinn Speaking

“Your…message was unmistakably clear and was carried on the back of a reputation for integrity, persistence and determination to succeed even in the face of insurmountable odds. The Faculty, Parents and most importantly the Graduates seemed to hang on every word. I smiled thinking of your discussions in my Philosophy class.”
Dr. Thomas Casey, PHD
Professor of Philosophy
Marist College

“Paul Rinn’s riveting story of a Navy ship literally broken in half by hitting a mine is one of drama and heroism of a crew that would not let their ship sink. His lecture provides insights into leadership and training philosophies that not only apply to the military profession but to all professions. His inspirational talk never fails in leaving the audience frozen in their seats and the listener is sure to take away a new understanding of what leadership and personal dedication is really about.”
Captain William Erickson, USN ret.
Executive Director
Surface Navy Association (SNA)

Paul X Rinn Paul X Rinn

“Captain Paul Rinn was this year’s Admiral and Mrs. Mary Lee Anderson Leadership Guest speaker. He was inspirational and was able to touch1248 midshipmen of the class of 2004 like no other speaker ever has. His ability to tie his own combat experiences in a thoughtful and often emotional way to the principles of leadership application pertinent to the future officers left the faculty in awe and the students thoroughly pumped. To date, he is the only speaker to receive a standing ovation from an audience that can often be tough on the speaker.”
Chairman, Leadership Ethics and Law Department
United States Naval Academy

“Captain Rinn took the time to meet with our Leadership faculty in person three times prior to the speech, as well as several times on the phone to insure that the delivery of the lessons he has learned and the experiences he has endured would be relevant to the course material and the student’s perspective on leadership. He carefully weaved the authenticated factual principles of successful leadership with humor, emotion and sometimes shock. His remarks will have along lasting impact on us all.”
Chairman, Leadership Ethics and Law Department
United States Naval Academy

Paul X. Rinn

“The 1500 Naval Postgraduate School students from all branches of the US armed services, others from about 25 allied nations, and students from Homeland Security and various governmental agencies rose en masse and delivered a thunderous, unprompted standing ovation. For many minutes after all students were dismissed, a crowd still surrounded Captain Rinn at the front of the auditorium as questions and handshakes continued. Of the many very important, respected, and accomplished speakers who have visited Naval Postgraduate School, the response to Captain Rinn was the most exceptional that I have seen.”
Rear Admiral Green USN ret.
Department Chair

Naval Postgraduate School

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